Thursday, August 18, 2011

don't run and photograph

I lose things. Alright, I lose and break things. This isn’t just a casual habit, I could quickly tick off a list of notable items lost or permanently damaged in the past two or three years that would include 3 iPods, a relatively new Macbook, a wallet, backpack, multiple sets of keys, a pair of running shoes….

Rehashing this list is painful, but I’ve yet to learn my lesson. I’ve had friends kindly spout calming philosophies to me, like “things are things.” But I really like some of my things!

Because I’ve lost one too many iPods, kindly leaving them on planes for others to enjoy, I now run with my iPhone in hand for music and GPS mapping. It’s a little heavier than I’d like, but it does the trick until I decide I’m once again responsible enough to invest in a new (final?) iPod.

Carrying the clunky phone on runs does have a benefit: I get to take picture breaks. Touring the city on foot means I run into a lot of interesting graffiti, awesome sunsets, unexpected views and funny scenes. Here are some snapshots. What do you see when you run?

Brooklyn Bridge and South Manhattan skyline

Creepy Brooklyn Navy Yard at night

Running over 110 in downtown Los Angeles

Alien graffiti in Williamsburg

Yarned-bike in DUMBO

Technicality: gifted this bouquet by a construction worker while on a run (no joke!)      

Statues on a wall on the northern tip of Greenpoint