Friday, August 5, 2011

i'm blogging, and eating a lot of fruit

Growing up, I woke up to a table-full of freshly chopped fruit hand cut daily by my father, who thought nothing of plucking an apple from someone else's lawn during a walk in the neighborhood. My mom chastised him, but he insisted that it would go to waste. So, now I'm the girl that  hoards produce, eating overly ripe fruit and cutting off bruises for fear of losing a piece to the trash.

I'm terrible at introductions--in person, too. I have a bad mumbling habit and a weak handshake, so I'll start this little blog appropriately- with awkward confessions about a passed-on affection for questionable produce, which should be about the right foot to start on.

This blog will follow my adventures in vegetarian eating, cooking, running, yoga and exploring New York City running around like a mad woman with too many activities in mind.

One day I might plant something on my roof, and one day I might ramble on about food policy. I'm glad you're here!

1 comment:

  1. Where's the bruised watermelon Alisa? You better be eating some of that too! Or your dad will just have to fly some out to you!