Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missing Cambodia

Dad said I hadn't updated my blog in a month, since I've been from Cambodia. It's true--there are hundreds of photos I haven't shared or uploaded, trips I failed to mention and most of all, the work I did!

Okay dad, I will do my best to upload mementos, videos, and highlights as I go.

For now, I'm missing my "family" at Horizons in Siem Reap--here I am on one of my final nights with Chantthou, the manager. We're the same age. He is a brilliant guy-speaks great English and Spanish and got a scholarship at an early age to attend hospitality school where he learned hotel management and moved from the country to Siem Reap. His wife Sorcheata is equally lovely and together they have a chubby, smiling baby named Wa-ra-man (king). Chantthou and I had a lot of conversations, some beer, and a few swimming lessons since he really wanted to learn. Even though he knows a lot about the outside world, he's never left Cambodia due to the cost barrier of purchasing a passport.